The Best Free VPN for Privacy without Subscription and credit card Required

In an era where digital privacy is increasingly under threat, finding a reliable and free VPN service is a priority for many internet users. ProtonVPN emerges as a standout choice, offering robust privacy features without the need for a subscription or credit card required. Let’s explore why ProtonVPN is hailed as the best free VPN for safeguarding your online activities.

How to get free ProtonVPN to protect your privacy?

We just need to create a free account and download ProtonVPN VPN, then connect to ProtonVPN VPN. These are the feature of free ProtonVPN:

  • 1 device
  • 3 countries (NL, US and JP)
  • No-logs policy
  • Advanced anti-censorship features

Use Proton VPN Free on all your devices

Regardless if you use a PC, tablet, phone, or anything in between, Proton VPN has you covered with Free VPN apps for all the major operating systems.

Why ProtonVPN offer a free VPN?

ProtonVPN believe online privacy is a fundamental human right. Providing free access is part of our mission. The Proton VPN free plan is unlimited and designed for security. No catches, no gimmicks. Just online privacy and freedom for those who need it.

What do you get by choosing Proton VPN’s free plan?

Proton VPN offers free access to VPN servers in the United States, Netherlands, and Japan. The Proton VPN free plan has a strict no-logs policy backed by the Swiss data privacy laws. Additionally, Proton VPN does not apply any bandwidth, duration, or speed limits to free users.

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