NordVPN Review 2023-How about NordVPN for Netflix?

ExpressVPN Review

NordVPN Review 2023

NordVPN is the best VPN in the world, 5500+ high-speed servers, Get secure and private access to the internet, just US$3.99/month!


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NordVPN Introduction

NordVPN is a VPN service with applications for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Android TV. Manual setup is available for wireless routers, NAS devices, and other platforms.

NordVPN is developed by Nord Security, a company that creates cybersecurity software and was initially supported by the Lithuanian startup accelerator and business incubator Tesonet. NordVPN operates under the jurisdiction of Panama, as the country has no mandatory data retention laws and does not participate in the Five Eyes or Fourteen Eyes intelligence sharing alliances. Its offices are located in Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Panama and the Netherlands.

If you live in China as a expat, NordVPN is the best VPN for you to bypass the China’s Greate Firewall. You can easily access the internet in these banned western countries like Youtube, FaceBook, Instagram, Netflix, Twitter etc. NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can test it out for yourself before committing to a subscription.

NordVPN Feature to Understand

💸 Price3.99 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers5500+
💻 Number of devices per license6
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryPanama
🛠 SupportLive Chat Support
📥 Supports torrentingYes


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NordVPN Security Protocols

NordVPN supports a number of security encryption protocols to provide a VPN service. The security levels and purposes of these protocols are different, but so are our customers’ needs. We encourage you to take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of each protocol. While we want you to be able to choose freely, we also feel it’s our duty to advise you on what might suit you best.


OpenVPN is a mature and robust piece of open-source software that enables us to provide a reliable and secure VPN service. It is a versatile protocol that can be used on both TCP and UDP ports. OpenVPN supports a great number of strong encryption algorithms and ciphers: to ensure the protection of your data, we use AES-256-GCM with a 4096-bit DH key. We recommend it for the most security-conscious users.


IKEv2/IPsec significantly increases the security and privacy of users by employing strong cryptographic algorithms and keys. NordVPN uses NGE (Next Generation Encryption) in IKEv2/IPsec. The ciphers used to generate Phase1 keys are AES-256-GCM for encryption, coupled with SHA2-384 to ensure integrity, and combined with PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) using 3072-bit Diffie-Hellman keys. IPsec then secures the tunnel between the client and server, using the strong AES-256. The protocol provides the user with peace-of-mind security, stability, and speed.

WireGuard (NordLynx) (Recommended by NordVPN and used by default in most of our apps)

WireGuard is the newest and fastest tunneling protocol the entire VPN industry is talking about. It uses state-of-the-art cryptography that outshines the current leaders, OpenVPN and IPSec/IKEv2. However, it’s still considered experimental, so VPN providers need to look for new solutions (like NordLynx by NordVPN) to overcome WireGuard’s vulnerabilities.

Modern, extremely fast, and insanely lean in its architecture, WireGuard is backed by thorough academic research. WireGuard consists of only 4,000 lines of code, making it easy to deploy, audit, and find bugs. To put it into perspective, OpenVPN runs on 400,000 lines of code, meaning that WireGuard makes up only 1% of OpenVPN’s massive architecture. NordLynx is currently used by default in NordVPN apps.

NordVPN bypass Youtube TV Intorduction

YouTube TV is a top-rated streaming service, giving users access to 85 channels. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the US, thus you will find its content geo-blocked in every other country.

Luckily, there’s an easy way around this. All you need is a reliable VPN to bypass YouTube TV’s location restrictions. When you use a VPN to connect to a US server, you’ll be given a temporary US IP address, which will let you spoof your location and make YouTube think you’re in the United States. A VPN also comes with a whole host of other benefits, including encrypting your data and preventing throttling.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to use a VPN to watch YouTube TV from anywhere on some of the most popular devices, and we’ll recommend the best VPNs for YouTube TV. So, read on for everything you need to know.

Why should you use a VPN to watch YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is only available in the US, and even then, not throughout the country. This popular streaming service places geo-blocks on its content, so that it would comply with the copyright laws and distribution rights. If you’re visiting other countries or residing outside of the US, you’ll need a YouTube TV VPN to unblock it.

If you try to watch content on YouTube TV without a VPN, you’ll be blocked by the following error code: It looks like you’re outside of the United States. YouTube TV is only available in the US.

A VPN will help you get around this by letting you connect to a server in the US. You’ll then be issued with a US IP address, which will trick YouTube into thinking you’re in the country and will therefore allow you to bypass YouTube TV’s location restrictions. For that, you can use NordVPN.

Youtube TV

How to bypass Youtube TV location restriction with a VPN?

  1. Install the best YouTube TV VPN. Get NordVPN with 60% OFF!
  2. Connect to a VPN server in the US
  3. Sign in or register for a YouTube TV subscription
  4. Start watching YouTube TV outside the US

NordVPN Speed Test Result

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to stick around throughout the entire article, here’s a brief table with all the speed test results compiled for your convenience.

Server locationDownload speedUpload speedPings
Australia91 Mbps91.25 Mbps131 ms
Brazil96.92 Mbps38.5 Mbps487 ms
Germany90.59 Mbps25.67 Mbps124 ms
Hong Kong91 Mbps93.09 Mbps112 ms
Israel92.09 Mbps87.75 Mbps477 ms
Japan92.25 Mbps93.41 Mbps156 ms
Singapore89.59 Mbps98.09 Mbps84 ms
United States93.5 Mbps94.92 Mbps194 ms
United Kingdom92.84 Mbps97.67 Mbps265 ms

Without a VPN (to compare with our NordVPN results):

Connected to a local NordVPN server:

Our download speeds were reduced when we connected to NordVPN. However, they were still so fast that we didn’t notice a difference, even when streaming high-quality videos. Our ping barely changed at all.

Connected to an NordVPN server in the US:

Our download speed was barely affected. We only lost 0.5 Mbps.
Our upload speed was reduced, but this change wasn’t noticeable. It still felt as fast as having no VPN.
Our ping rate increased because the server we connected to was farther away, but it was still on par with the other VPNs we tested.
When connecting to US servers, many VPNs cause speed drops of 82% or more—but NordVPN only caused a decrease of 0.2%.

Connected to an NordVPN server in Australia:

We expected the speed to drop quite a bit, since Australia’s average ADSL internet speed is only 8 Mbps.
Impressively, ExpressVPN was able to achieve download speeds 76% faster than the national Australian average.
Our ping increased a little, but was still about 4% lower than the other VPNs we tested.

NordVPN Pricing

Is NordVPN worth the money?

Yes, of course!

NordVPN is one of the leading VPN options on the market for a reason. This solution stands out as a highly secure and trustworthy way to protect your browsing sessions. The NordVPN environment is active in more than 60 countries, and it employs some of the best encryption on the market

Is NordVPN good for Netflix?

NordVPN works well with Netflix. While it’s less reliable than before, it still streams US Netflix and 10 other regions. Streaming speeds are fast on a range of devices, including Firestick and Smart TVs. Overall, we recommend using NordVPN for Netflix.

Conclusion: Our NordVPN Review Overview

So what is NordVPN all about? As you might have figured out during our NordVPN review, we like this provider very much. Their no-logs policy is solid, and their extensive selection of servers makes it very attractive for any user. Moreover, the VPN is ideal for people who want to stay anonymous online. NordVPN has lots of extra options to improve your online safety which definitely makes them the safest premium VPN service. Moreover, it comes with many options to make your internet experience the best one, allowing you to unblock the libraries of different streaming services. They provide this awesome service for a more than reasonable price, which truly makes it one of our favorites.

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best vpn it is!

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